The Heart of Idaho

Boise, our capital city, holds a dear place in our hearts and is known abroad as an untouched oasis set apart from the average city. Its people and its attractions collectively come together making it the beautiful, rugged, untouched destination that it is known to be. Boise has a population of over 240,000, which is the highest population of all the cities in the state of Idaho, but still renders it to be the biggest little city in America. 

Boise sets the standard for what a downtown experience ought to be. With everything from fine dining to “grab-n-go” munching, friendly community, fun activities, and historical architecture, there truly is no city like Boise. Oh, and did we mention?! It’s so clean, even the graffiti is organized in one designated space (Freak Alley)! Natives and longtime residents of Boise pronounce the city “boy-see” while outsiders typically say “boy-zee” so if you’re the newbie that has been pronouncing our name wrong… we forgive you, but now you know so there’s no excuse moving forward! 

Boise’s geothermal energy system is the largest of its kind in the U.S. and the sixth-largest worldwide. Downtown Boise’s capitol building is the only capitol building in the entire U.S. heated by geothermal waters. The heat comes from hot springs located 3,000 feet underground. Modern geothermal use in Idaho began in 1892 and currently keeps over 300 buildings warm throughout the state! Pretty cool (and hot) if you ask us! If you are looking for a safe and authentic downtown experience, be sure to pay a visit to Idaho’s capital city!


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