Eagle will heat up this spring!

The Treasure Valley continues to see record population growth. Families from all across the nation are moving here and there are no signs of that slowing down! Add to the list of many reasons to choose the Treasure Valley as a new oasis: relaxation and rejuvenation! Along with the growth comes opportunities for new businesses and one such franchise making its first Idahoan debut is Perspire Sauna Studio. Perspire is an infrared studio that combines centuries-old practice of sauna with the modern science of infrared technology and color light therapy. This studio is currently under construction in Eagle and scheduled for a grand opening this spring! 

For many that are unfamiliar, here are a few benefits to the sauna sessions:

Infrared sauna therapy helps people relax while getting a deep tissue sweat.
Releases toxins and stimulates sweat glands.

 Burns 200-400 calories and enhances weight loss per session.
Helps muscles recover faster and decreases inflammation.
• Promotes relaxation, balancing stress hormones and naturally calms nervous system.
Relieves tension, aches, & pain.
Naturally boosts immune health.
Infrared heat is anti-bacterial & cedar wood is anti-microbial.
Improves overall sleep health.

The new location is just steps away from the Luxe Reel Theater, Guru Donuts, KB Burritos, and more! We welcome the new families along with the new businesses making their way to the Treasure Valley as Idaho continues leading the way for a strong, prosperous and rejuvenating future!

Perspire Sauna Studio
2794 S. Eagle Rd.

Eagle, ID 83616


*Coming Spring 2021*


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