Idahoan Entrepreneur: Camree Schelling

Camree is a young entrepreneur in the Treasure Valley who loves to bake and loves serving her Idaho community! In addition to enjoying all types of recreational adventures that Idaho has to offer, she is currently going to school for her Bachelors in Health Science and when she’s not hitting the books, she puts most of her remaining efforts building her new business, Cakes by Cam. This talented young entrepreneur began baking for friends and family as a hobby and once the word traveled among her small community, she soon saw her schedule fill up with all types of requests for her delicious treats. 

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur and/or own your own business?

When I started to become busy with making friends and family cakes, my skills only got better with each cake. Not everything was perfect at first but as time went on everyone kept telling me how beautiful my work was. From there I was getting calls and texts from friends of friends asking If I could make them cakes. After looking more into what it takes to run a cake business, I decided to go all in!


What inspires you daily?

What inspires me most is the endless local support I receive. Even during tough times in 2020 I was still being supported by local customers and other small local businesses as well. At the peak of Covid, I was working at a drive thru coffee shop and at the time had a customer who knew I baked and knew how much of a struggle it was to find flour and sugar on shelves at grocery stores. The next day after having a conversation with her, she drove up with flour and sugar to give me. If this doest scream local support, I don’t know what does! 

Why do you do what you do?

Not only do I find baking therapeutic, but I love being able to have the freedom to use my creativity and share with others who enjoy it. 


Favorite thing about owning your own business?

From seeing a little kid’s smile after watching them see their birthday cake dreams come true, to learning new skills within my business – these are just a few of my favorite things. 


How do you and/or your business stand out from the rest?

Most businesses here in the Treasure Valley are amazing! What I think makes me stand out from others like mine is I try to make every customer experience one of a kind. I like to communicate with my customers and ask LOTS of questions to make sure they are getting the product they are expecting. I also like to do follow ups to make sure they enjoyed everything about my service and if there was anything I could improve on.

Why here in Idaho?

Not only do I love everything Idaho has to offer, but the people here are so nice! I have truly never been anywhere else where people are so genuine. 


If you are interested in supporting Camee’s small business and ordering from her, you can do so from the links below!


Website: cakesbycam


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