Idahoan Entrepreneur: Kara Betancourt

Kara was born in Arizona and raised in Texas. Her mother trained race horses and managed a large cutting horse operation, so Kara was pretty much raised on the back of a horse! After meeting her husband, who was a sheriff’s deputy in Washington State, they began a family together and her husband convinced Kara that while Texas was great, there was nothing quite like the west. The wildlife. The snow. The mountains. Kara, admittedly being a complete wimp when it came to the cold, found that perhaps the Boise area and its mild winters would be the perfect place to settle in all aspects. They discovered Eagle, Idaho and were 1000% sold! Kara recently started her own Pet Salon business in December 2020 and has quickly seen a loyal customer base emerge. Her love for animals – and for people – is evident and there’s no wonder why Eagle’s newest Pet Salon, Wild Wags, is getting noticed across the Treasure Valley! Congratulations Kara!


Kara, why start a Pet Salon in Eagle, Idaho?

I feel really fortunate to have had my first commercial business be here in Idaho. The atmosphere and the people are just really great. Mostly because I think at the end of the day, we all feel so fortunate to live in such a magical place. And we ALL have that in common. And there’s a lot of appreciation shared. It makes serving my community a real pleasure. 

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

In the image of my mother, who was independent, a hard worker, and who always blazed her own trail, I too was raised knowing what work was. I’ve always worked, and usually for myself. I have had a successful long career starting with young horses. I had a small accident a while ago with a young horse, and while I still ride and train cutting horses, and always will, I knew I didn’t want to do it for a living anymore. And that I couldn’t always depend on it. Still needing to work with animals, and being a ginormous dog lover, my apprenticeship for grooming then began. 


What inspires you?

Why I love my job and what inspires me on the daily, is customers reactions. Especially on a puppy’s first groom. They way they light up, the way their pet lights up on pick up, is just amazing to me. Especially when a child comes along for pick up, and they can’t control their reactions. The common being: “OH MY GOSH, HE’S SO FLUFFY!!!!!”


What sets you apart from the rest?

I would like to think what sets us apart is that we REALLY really care about not only the pets, but their owners. Customer care and service is sacred to me, and I will always strive to make sure they’re leaving with a smile on their face, and trust. Trust the care and service I provide to their special furry family member. 


Words of wisdom:

My advice to anyone wanting to start a new business, especially a grooming business is this: There will never be the perfect time to do something. If you want it, go for it. Don’t waste another minute! You’ll be amazed at what doors hard work and a strong will opens up for someone. And never, never undervalue your worth.

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