Keepin’ it raw in Idaho

Poke is to Hawaii what burgers are to America. In Hawaii, poke, which means “to slice” or “cut into pieces,” is served at family gatherings, BBQs, and even weddings! Luckily, we don’t have to travel to Hawaii to experience this delicious meal, we have a fast-casual poke restaurant right in our backyard! 

Paddles Up Poke began in 2016 when owners, Dan and Laura Landucci, decided to follow their dreams of owning a poke restaurant. They now have locations in Downtown Boise, Downtown Ketchum, Boise State University, Nampa, and their newest location at The Village in Meridian! When you step into any of their locations, you will be greeted by their friendly staff, willing to serve and answer any questions that you may have. 

They are dedicated to serving the highest quality ingredients that not only taste oh so good but make you feel so good as well! Idaho Wild was fortunate to experience Paddles Up Poke for ourselves. Watch one of our own try poke for the first time!

Note: Austin ordered The Lucky Peak 

First, you decided if you want your meal in a rice bowl, sushi burrito, or salad form. Did we say sushi BURRITO?! We sure did!

You can choose from options off of their menu (fun fact: the menu starts with the most popular meals first) or create your own! 

Then “make your bed” with rice options from brown or white or BLUE. That’s right, blue rice. They add Butterfly Pea Leaf to the rice which is blue in color and adds vitamins and antioxidants! You can also choose from cauliflower rice, zoodles, or spring mix. 

Next, pick your protein! Choose from 2, 3, or 4 scoops of ahi tuna, famous traditional style tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, rainbow mix (marinated tuna and salmon). If raw fish isn’t your style they have cooked options including grab salad, grilled shrimp, calamari salad, smoked chicken, and tofu. 

If you are extra hungry, you can get additional protein scoops for just $2. Stop by on Fish Friday and the extra scoops are only $1! 

Keep it saucy by adding some of their house-made sauces. Aloha Shoyu is imported from Hawaii and all sauces are gluten-free!

Top it off with Seaweed Salad, cucumber, ginger, onions (green, white, and my personal favorite, crispy), crispy jalapeno, crispy wontons, and last but certainly not least, avocado. Not to mention, NO THE AVOCADO DOES NOT COST EXTRA. Bet you never thought you’d hear that. 

Load it up with edamame, carrots, pineapple, mango, jalapeno, cilantro, green onions, tobiko, unagi sauce, spicy aioli, wasabi cream, sesame seeds, chili flakes, furikake. 

Last but certainly the best part: Enjoy your delicious poke! 



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