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There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh brewed coffee. For coffee lovers, it’s nearly impossible to productively begin a day without the first sip of awesomeness! Coffee is more than a beverage, for enthusiasts it’s a sense of community; it’s connection, it’s friendship. But let’s also be real, it tastes oh soooo good! Thankfully, the Treasure Valley is filled with intentional coffee shops and good vibes. Whether you are a fellow coffee aficionado or someone who is just stepping into the coffee scene, we have gathered a list of 10 coffee houses in the Treasure Valley (in no particular order) that will make you think twice before stepping into another cookie-cutter coffee shop again!

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Form & Function

This go-to coffee staple began pouring in a booth at Boise’s local farmers market. From there they have created a brick and mortar coffee house encompassing a minimalist design with all white accents, white tile backsplash, and black and white murals. Strategically designed, the only color is the labeling on their bagged coffee, as their focus is on expertly roasted beans. Featured on their whiteboard menu are batch brews, espresso drinks, pour overs, and arguably their famous Guatemalan nitro flat served in cups made from the hull of a coffee plant to go along with their strong sustainability approach. For those who have a hard time deciding, they offer a coffee flight to indulge in multiple roasts along with a series of toasts, porridges, and fresh pastries to complement. 

Big City Coffee & Cafe

From humble beginnings 14 years ago, Big City Coffee began brewing in a small shop in West Boise before moving to their charming and homey cafe filled with colorful vintage signs and cozy seating.  Mouthwatering pastries, coffee, and breakfast are served 7 days a week. They pride themselves on being more than a “cookie-cutter coffee shop” by offering a twist on old fashioned treats and traditional coffees. 

Slow by Slow

Known for their intrinsic pour overs and artisanal coffees, this multi-roaster coffee shop offers a rotating line up of beans from all over the country. Coffee beans are hand-selected by the staff’s personal favorite roasters. The personal touch continues as the exceptional baristas manage to bring out the subtle flavors of espresso. The mid-century design, coffee house music, and fresh pastries sourced from three local bakeries provide the most laid back and relaxed atmosphere that you would dream of in a coffee shop allowing you to enjoy every second of your expertly crafted coffee. 


From his parent’s garage to the Boise local Farmer’s market, to his now 1600 sq ft cafe, Grant Shealy, has undoubtedly created a bustling coffee house. Large storefront windows, a long white countertop, and a modern aesthetic with sparse decor bring focus to the coffee and lustrous equipment. Neckar’s philosophy of “avoiding automation” and crafting the highest quality coffee shines through their micro roast beans and cold brews on tap. 

Coffee & Supply Co.

Located in Eagle right before highway 55, is a new type of coffee house that opened in the summer of 2020. Coffee & Supply Co. features locally sourced healthy options that benefit the body and the planet. Their menu includes options of premium selected coffees and the perfect pairing of locally baked goods. Upstairs you will find their store with gift items, apparel, and household decor. 

District Coffee House

Hip, bright, airy, and colorful furnishings, together with craft pour-overs, batch brews, espresso drinks, tasty signature drinks, and even smoothies create an inviting atmosphere for the coffee snob and the average “joe.” The District Coffee house operates as a non–profit and sustainably source from local farmers for their farm to table ingredients and fresh-baked pastries. To do their part in the community they partner with other local nonprofit organizations and make an impact beyond delectable coffee. 

Push & Pour

After moving back from San Francisco, professional skateboarder, Lucas Erlebach, wanted to open a skate shop in the heart of Boise. Instead, he opened his own coffee shop in a quaint brick building near the river that serves his favorite local coffee from Hailey, Idaho. He used his skateboarding background as inspiration for the coffee shop by creatively using old skateboard parts and decks as espresso handles and artwork. 

Dawson Taylor

Dawson Taylor planted their roots in 1995 when the owners sensed Boise was in need of a specialty coffee roaster, and has been roasting phenomenal artisanal coffee ever since. Their two locations across town are filled with bright colorful artwork creating an inviting environment. To embody the amazing flavor profiles in each cup, they continue to roast daily on two European style drum roasters. The 8th street location offers tours to witness the roasting process, and enjoy freshly brewed drinks from their pour-over bar. 

Caffeina Coffee

Warm, dark wood tones and large comfy chairs create the industrial brewery vibe of this all in one roaster, brewery, and coffee shop. Committed to practicing new and traditional roasting methods, this small-batch coffee roaster sources all its beans from free market, small farm, certified organic, and trade fair farms. Their menu includes pour-over options, cold blends, and smoothies. In another unconventional practice, the mother-daughter duo decided to take their roasting one step further by brewing craft beers and adding local wines to the menu. Incorporating the best of both worlds, they get creative with their roasts and brews by pouring espresso into a local stout, which they like to call the “brew on brew.” 

The Perks of Life

Family owned and operated since 2007, two sisters had the desire to create a warm and comfortable environment where people from all walks of life can come to enjoy delicious coffee and fresh pastries. They believe that the community’s biggest needs are for connection, community, and contribution so they decided to create a place for just that, coffee and connection. They serve three local coffee roasters including Catalogue Coffee, Identity Coffee Roasters, and Dawson Taylor, and prepare house-baked pastries, quiches, granola, and breakfast burritos. 

**Do you have a coffee shop that wasn’t mentioned in our top 10 list? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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