Thriving in your 1st Idahoan Winter

The Treasure Valley is a rare and beautiful place, and there’s no wonder why this once-hidden-gem is not so hidden anymore. Idahoans love it here and we understand the many reasons that families from all over this great country are relocating to God’s country (AKA Idaho). Since we are such lovers of people and of this great place, we’ve compiled a safety list on how to make the most of your trip during the winter months. There’s also many people that have made Idaho their new home recently and perhaps for the first time are experiencing this new phenomenon called “snow” in a season they may have never seen or felt before, called “winter.”


The following winter tips are for visitors and new Idahoans! Be safe out there and enjoy this amazing season!

• It’s always a good idea to have a window scraper to wipe your windshield so you can see out of your window.

• Start your car prior to leaving (good for your engine long-term).

• Shovel driveways and your portion of the sidewalk at home and business if you own one (required by state code).

• The ACHD likes to apply anti-icing fluid, salts, and sands over plowing. The night before a snow storm they will lay down the necessary materials to prepare for the next day. 

• Snow usually will melt on residential roads by the time the plows can make it to them, they are last in line due to slow speeds and low traffic volumes.

• Driving in the snow can be a stressful experience if you’re not accustomed to it. A good tip is to pretend like there is a glass of water on your dash that you don’t want to spill while driving. Take your time, there’s no need to rush.

• Braking can be more difficult in icy conditions especially with a heavier vehicle, so don’t be afraid to drive slower. Idahoans are friendly people, so they’ll understand:)

• It’s a good idea to get winter tires or chains, and best to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle if driving in areas that receive more snowfall.

• If you lose control and slide while driving, steer in the same direction and it will help gain control and straighten you out. For example, if the back-end of your car slides to the left, steer towards the left.

*Do you have any safety winter tips to share with our readers? Feel free to add more in the Comments section below!


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