The Snowy Road to Stanley

After weeks of office work planning, writing, filing paperwork, designing and coding… you could say we were ready for a day outside. It turned out our planned day to be out in nature capturing content for had some snow in the forecast.  

So, we did what any Idaho Wild fan would do — continued with the mission.  We wanted the fresh air, we needed the footage, and we had a brand new truck to break in, a 2019 RAM 1500 4×4 Limited.  We packed up and headed out.

Well, the weather did not cooperate.  Not one bit. It snowed, and snowed… and snowed.  So we kept driving and driving while the RAM handled flawlessly.  Over 250 miles of snow-driving in one day.

We stopped for lunch in Stanley where you can fish, climb, hunt, ride, hike, float, etc.  We didn’t have time for any of those things, but we did get our drone to take flight… for about 10 minutes until it started snowing again.  By the way, it was our first time flying a drone on a road trip without leaving the vehicle! Thanks, sunroof!

Check out the snowy road to Stanley!


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