The Pro Business State

In recent years, Idaho’s branding has shifted from “the potato state” to “the pro business state!” Recently, the International Business Times declared that “Idaho has the best economy in America.” We couldn’t agree more and here are a few reasons why!

• Since 2016, Idaho’s population has grown by 6.2% — one of the fastest rates in the U.S. The number of non-farm workers in Idaho jumped by 8% 

The population of Idaho is approximately 1.8 million. There are over 169,000 small businesses in Idaho making up 99.2% of overall businesses in the entire state.

There are over 325,000 small business employees in Idaho making up over 56% of all Idaho employees in the state.

Coeur de’ Alene takes 12th place for the most small businesses per capita in America.

The U.S. unemployment rate as of December 2020 is 6.7% while for Idaho it is 4.8% and ranks top 12 in the nation. New Jersey is last with an unemployment rate of 10.2%

Idaho is very much pro-business and pro-economical growth. The Gem State supports entrepreneurialism and a thriving economy, giving families growth opportunities for future generations to come!


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