Lady Idaho Wild featured by Forbes

Forbes thought getting paid to travel and explore Idaho would be a fun job and featured our “Lady Idaho Wild” opportunity it in their “Dream Job Alert” article. But you might be asking who is right for the job?

Lady Idaho Wild is the type of person who makes new friends easily!  Your smile is warm and shows up often. You’re a natural in front of the camera.  

You’re intelligent yet humble.  Attention has a way of finding you, yet you’re low maintenance and easy going.  You’re extraordinarily confident and don’t need anyone’s approval.  You like nature and you’re athletic. You’re ready to experience all Idaho has to offer and tell the world about it — cleverly.  Yes… clever. That’s you.  Charming and witty.

You’re spontaneous, ready for the next new adventure. You’re the type who smiles standing on the edge of a cliff or squeezing through a cave. You seem to know how to make everyone laugh at just the right time.  You’re not one to shy away from the physical or daunting, and not afraid to document your conquests on camera, no matter how they turn out. You’ve been known to craft a story and turn a phrase. You enjoy collecting the details and pulling out the unseen story. Above all, you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself and share it with the world.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in applying, check out all the details HERE.


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