Magical Mornings and Interesting Inversions

Winters in the Treasure Valley mean shorter days, magical frosty mornings, fresh snow, and of course, interesting inversions.

Inversions? What exactly is an inversion? Great question!

Here’s your Boise fact for the day: Geographically speaking, mountainous areas with large valleys experience an inversion, which takes place when cold air at the bottom of the Treasure Valley and warmer air that stays towards the top, like Bogus Basin, collide. Inversions typically are experienced and seen from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day and during this period, the inversion traps air pollution closer to the ground and can suppress temperature changes by acting as a “cap.” Idahoans can improve air quality during inversions by limiting what they burn in wood stoves and simply being mindful to preserve the quality of lifestyle that makes Idaho such a special place.

The fog from inversions often dissipate by late morning or midday and we’re back to the beauty and awesomeness that Idaho is known for!


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