Idahoan Entrepreneur: Mike Faughn

Mike Faughn retired in law enforcement and followed his dream to become the owner of his small business, Idaho Blinds and Shutters, a window service company specializing in shutters and blinds – aluminum and wood. His main goal is to be able to provide high-quality service at an affordable price in the Treasure Valley. With his numerous years of experience, Mike is someone that you can trust for all your window needs! Just a few minutes with Mike and you will clearly see his passion for what he does and his love for family, Idaho and country! Mike’s joy is contagious and and his work ethic is refreshing!


Mike, when did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur and own your own business? 

Prior work experience made me realize I did not want to work for others. I hoped it would allow some more flexibility and control over my life and work schedule.


What inspires you daily?  

The journey to be successful and not to give up. This can test you and challenge you.


Why do you do what you do?  

Self-fulfillment and pride. Once I started and over time I realized I like what you do. Hard work is just one of the many things that you need to do to succeed.  


Favorite thing about owning your own business?  

Freedom to make certain business decisions, and the ability to choose our schedule and time allowing a great work-life. Getting a thank you from customers for your service.


How do you and/or your business stand out from the rest?  

How the business operates in general. Customers are actually working with the owner, communicating and receiving information directly. Customers are getting information, knowledge, the good and bad regarding certain products (what they can do and not do).  The owner is sharing his experience to help them made a good decision on product selections.  Honest service (sometimes the sale is not needed) and another idea can be presented to the customer. Giving a lot and knowing the customer knows they received value and options.


What can someone entering your business expect, or what do you hope they’d experience?  

An owner who cares and provides services that are affordable regarding the products selected.  No pressure in regards to the selling process. This business is here to help customers make good decisions for their window covering needs. 


Why here in Idaho?  

Family, friends, and a great place to live. The people are nice and caring. 


Best way to connect with your business? 

Call me directly at 208-999-2617 or email at


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