Idahoan Entrepreneur: Jolene Peterman

Idaho is truly a special place. There are over 169,000 small businesses in Idaho making up 99.2% of overall businesses in the state. Behind every small business is an entrepreneur with an inspiring story to tell. Today we are featuring Jolene Peterman, the owner and operator of Kaneh Massage & Co in Boise, Idaho. Originally from Las Vegas, Jolene learned massage therapy 20 years ago and worked for several resorts spas, meeting her husband in 2009 in a yurt in Summer Lake, Oregon at an offgrid, survival retreat. This city girl met a farm boy and got married 6 months later in Boise, where her husband was from and they now have 3 wonderful children together, Jonah, Jeneva, & Jordan! We sat down with Jolene as she recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary since the launch of her massage studio, Kaneh Massage & Co, and are excited to share her story with you. Enjoy!

When did you know you wanted to own your own business?

After the birth of my first born I tried to go back to work part time but my boss at the time said she wanted me to be a full time therapist — she let me go. I was upset. I wanted to work but I wanted to be a mom more! I laid down my career for some time but knew then I needed to start my own business someday so I could make my own hours around my children


How does your business stand out from the rest?

Kaneh is Hebrew for Cannabis – We are a wellness spa and huge believers in hemp and essential oils as medicine. I personally believe the body can and will heal itself if we allow it and lead it in the right direction. I developed a signature blend of massage oil and it comes from an ancient oil recipe from the Bible, utilizing CBD. I think our oil is extremely special and offers greater benefits to you during your massage. We also have a unique technique called Kaneh Cupping that sets us apart from other spas.

What can someone entering your business expect, or what do you hope they’d experience?

A quietwarm atmosphere. Where you feel like you can breathe and take a break from the world for awhile. I hope they feel better than they did coming in and that they would want to come back

Who inspires you daily?

My family and especially my kids. I hope to be able to help provide for their future. It seems like times are getting harder and I worry about their future a lot. So they truly motivate me to work and do a good job

Favorite thing about owning your own business?

Being creative and not having anyone tell me that my ideas are dumb. If I have a dumb idea and I fail, it’s my fault. However if it succeeds, it’s also my fault. I like the challenge and freedom. 

Why here in Idaho?

This is an amazing place to raise a family and where I want to stay until I’m old and can’t move my fingers. Idaho has so much adventure to offer and such an amazing culture and community of people. 


Why do you do what you do?

Before went to massage school 20 years ago, I was a meth addicthad very little schooling and was literally lost. It was horrific. I had an encounter with God and it changed my lifegot clean and went to massage school and loved it! I have a passion for what I dobecause it gave me purposeIt truly is rewarding to help people especially when they are stressed or hurting

For more information on Kaneh Massage & Co as well as to schedule a massage, head over to as well as Instagram + Facebook


*Kaneh has recently expanded its space and is celebrating by offering a $20 discount just in time for the holidays. To claim the discount, click here. Congratulations Jolene and Kaneh Massage & Co for all your growth and for adding so much value to the Treasure Valley! 


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