Idaho Wild Goes to the Hot Springs

You may have read our previous blogpost on hot springs in Idaho, if not, be sure to go check it out! We cover hot springs etiquette, popular public hot springs to visit, along with some general info about the hot springs and how to enjoy all they have to offer safely and responsibly! The article was very beneficial for many people in many ways, though, something was missing. An adventure was missing. What was a hot spring experience like? The question remained unanswered. Idaho Wild wants to give you more. So we readied our boardshorts, grabbed a few snacks, and headed out on an adventure into the wilderness of Idaho to find out first hand what an Idahoan Hot Spring experience was all about. 


There are a total of 340 hot springs in Idaho, 130 of which are available to the public! Yes, there are a lot of options but it did not take much research to find our desired jacuzzi. Just 72 miles outside of Eagle, Idaho, past Banks and through the thick of Garden Valley’s breathtaking scenery lies Lowman Idaho. Throughout Lowman, you will find various locations where the ground pours forth with warm hot spring mist but if you ask anyone in the Treasure Valley where to find the best hot springs they will nine times out of ten direct you towards Kirkham Hot Springs! So to the springs, we went!

After driving for about an hour and a half, our surroundings began to change. Frequently we would see steam rising from the side of the road almost as if we were cruising along the very top of a volcano preparing to erupt! Then we saw it, a sight nearly impossible to miss, it was the Kirkham Hot Springs. We parked our vehicle and proceeded to trek on foot towards a massive cloud of steam which was a natural occurrence due to the low temperatures of winter and the contrasting warm temperatures of the springs. There were a few groups of people occupying the main pools so we walked about a minute longer than everyone else had and found our very own secluded hot spring! The water was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold. There was plenty of room for backpacks, shoes, and any other items you wouldn’t want to get wet in the surrounding area. The experience was like no other. lounging in a warm pool of water with a drink in hand and serene river views before us, we knew we had attained the purest form of high living in the wilderness. 

We enjoyed the comfort and joys that the hot springs had to offer until sunset began to fade. Then we packed up our things and commenced the trip back home. The drive was peaceful and we were happy as can be with the experience our day had provided, but it wasn’t over. The roads leading home, though they were the same roads we had successfully driven earlier that day, seemed to have changed after the sun had gone down. Multiple times we had to hit the brakes due to elk crossings, which was a rather enjoyable experience considering how cool elk can be. Still nonetheless startling, especially with ice on the roads during winter. It turns out that during the winter and especially the spring, rocks and decently sized boulders roll down the mountains onto the roads, and sure enough, they did. We were making a turn around the winding roads when all of a sudden 2-3 boulders landed on the road in front of us. Attempting to dodge one we hit the other which damaged our wheel leaving us with a flat tire. So there we were on the side of the road in the mountains of Lowman. Thankfully, we were able to put on our spare and make it back home with only a few more elk crossings. 

Our Idahoan Hot Spring experience was truly an exciting one and we can all say that it was one hundred percent worth it even though there were a few bumps in the road, literally. So, this is what a hot spring experience consists of, luxury and fun with a fair chance of jeopardy. If you want a fun, family-friendly, free of cost experience, Idaho Wild highly recommends the Kirkham Hot Springs. Just be sure to be prepared for any bumps (and boulders) in the road!


– Idaho Wild


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