How to cool off when it’s 100 degrees in Idaho’s Treasure Valley

Whether you love them or not, public pools are a staple of most cities. Including, Boise and the Treasure Valley.

With temperatures soaring into the upper 90’s, it only seems right that we share with you the locations of the nearest and dearest chlorinated bodies of water. Especially since some research has found links between heat and stress. So, in order to squash your increasing irritation, take a cool blog bath in the following words. Then, instead of going on your weekly pub crawl, try going on a regular pool crawl.

(P.S. Click on the title of each hydration station for more details.)

Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube

This beautiful Boise watering hole is located on E. Warm Springs Drive. You’ll find it on the way to the Old Idaho Penitentiary. So if you were headed to the jail to lock up your most annoying family member (blame the heat), stop here instead. There’s not only a diving board but also a waterslide AKA the “HYDROTUBE”. 1811 E Warm Springs Ave. Boise

Roaring Springs Waterpark

Corkscrew Cavern, Cliffhanger, Thunder Falls. Viper’s Vortex. If any of those very intense words intrigue you, then Roaring Springs is the place to be. This Meridan-based waterpark is the largest in the Northwest and boasts more than 20 water attractions. Roaring Springs is for folks who easily tire of simply treading water and would prefer speed slides and raft rides. 400 W Overland Rd, Meridian

Ivywild Pool

Calling all toddlers and people who don’t like getting their hair wet! The Ivywild pool has just what you need, a wading pool! Situation in southeast Boise, this pool not only boasts a wading pool and play amenities but also an area for lap swimmers and a slide. Another perk, it’s only an eight minute drive from the airport. So, you can swim before you fly. 2250 S. Leadville Ave., Boise

Meridian Community Pool

Now what if you want to swim somewhere in Meridian but you’re not in the mood for the madness of a waterpark? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Meridian Community Pool provides that chill environment you’re looking for. Not chill like chilly. Rather, it’s just your basic swimming pool with lessons, laps and lifeguards. 213 East Franklin Road, Meridian

Backyard Wading Pool

We get it. Sometimes the day gets away from us. Sometimes we’re not in the mood to pack towels and goggles and swimsuits and swim caps and sunscreen and sunglasses and hats and snacks. Sometimes we just want to sit in the backyard (or front yard) with our feet (or entire body) in water. And that’s okay. So if that happens, this round plastic backyard wading pool is exactly what you need.

We hope this will help you find some much-needed relief from the Idaho heat. Just try to remember, come December, you’ll be wishing it were summer all over again.


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