How to change the world in 2021

Cheers to 2021! Many of us often reflect and look back on the past year and begin a new year with many hopes and aspirations. It’s a fresh start. The secret isn’t in just setting goals for 2021, but focusing on formations – the people we are becoming as we strive to make this year a better one than 2020. The honest truth is that 92% of New Years goals fail by January 15th! Here are some things to consider on how to be a part of the 8% that follow-through and achieve their dreams, hopes and aspirations in the coming new year!


– Write down your aspirations. People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve them, than those without any written goals.


– Only 3 out of every 100 adults write their goals down.


– If you write something down, you make it visible. It’s real. Goals aren’t always meant to be hit necessarily, but to drive and direct your focus.


– Sharing your goals with a friend, a spouse or coach is proven to increase the chances of you achieving your goals. Accountability is a beautiful thing!


– The world’s most successful people agree that what you ‘get’ by achieving your goal/s is not as important as who you BECOME in the process. Be growth focused this year, not just goal oriented.


– Focusing on who we are daily becoming, also know as formations, aren’t about just doing things or hitting goals, but about being someone and becoming the better version of yourself.


Wanna change the world in 2021?

Change yourself. 


By changing yourself, it impacts your family.

Then your community.

Then your state. 

Then your country.

Then… the world.

We can’t change the world if we don’t change ourselves, first.


Here’s to a year full of hope, freedom, God’s abundant blessings, and positive change. The best is yet to come!


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