Grateful Living

We are starting off the year right with a heart of gratitude. Here at Idaho Wild we don’t reserve expressing our thankfulness for just a holiday, it’s our way of living! There’s so much to be thankful for, especially living in the greatest state that this nation has to offer. So below we’ve jotted down just a few reasons why we’re sooo thankful to live in Idaho: the Gem State.


We are thankful for all the many outlets to ADVENTURE & explore the outdoors in Idaho. From fishing, hiking, hunting, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and more. If you’re bored, it’s because you’re willingly choosing to be. There are endless opportunities for fun activities and beautiful sights to see in Idaho.


We are thankful for COMMUNITY! Here in Idaho we have no shortage of kind-hearted people who are willing to slow down and have real conversations. As you have probably noticed, there are so many people moving to Idaho, and one of the main reasons is to get away from the hustle and bustle and live a peaceable life. Here that is possible. Here that is evident. 


We are thankful for the fantastic mix of URBAN & RURAL COMMUNITIES! Our main city, Boise, the capital of Idaho, is full of tall buildings and large businesses giving the city folks exactly the kind of living they desire. On the flip side, just 20 minutes outside of Boise you will find open land and much smaller communities perfect for those who desire a more quiet and spacious living experience while still having easy access to the city and anything they may desire!


We are thankful for SMALL BUSINESSES and the many freedoms that they have here in Idaho. There are over 169,000 Small Businesses in Idaho making up 99.2% of overall businesses in the state. Did you know that Coeur de’ Alene takes 12th place for the most small businesses per capita in America?! Idaho is pro-business and supports entrepreneurialism, giving families a great opportunity to thrive!


We are thankful for our FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Idaho is a state where you can freely express your views and know you will be respected. The spirit of Idaho is to protect and support the freedoms of our people by respecting them whether our personal beliefs align with others or not. Having diversity in belief is essential for a healthy democracy and here in Idaho we support just that.


We are thankful for our GUN FREEDOMS here in Idaho! According to Idaho is the second most gun-friendly state in the United States and as of July 1, 2020 all Americans who are 18 and older can carry their firearms concealed in Idaho with no permit being required from the government!


We are incredibly thankful for a thriving FAMILY ENVIRONMENT! According to many sources Idaho is one of the most family friendly states in the USA. It is full of safe cities and neighborhoods, great school options as well as broad homeschooling freedoms, large open spaces to explore, and overall a palpable sense of family values and unity. 


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